Empowering womxn worldwide with thoughtful designs and education to build the businesses of their dreams.

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We are Femme Collective —a womxn lead design & education studio dedicated to easing the burden fellow womxn face when branding their dream business. We get it because we’ve been there. Feeling trapped in a cycle of overwhelm and stress. Never-ending late nights and weekends spent burning the candle at both ends because we were convinced hustle = success. All of that work to still not attract our dream clients or charge the clients we did have what we wanted to. Sound familiar?

Our stress-free process takes the burden off of you. You’ll be able to confidently sit back and allow us to strategically transform your brand and website to echo the heart of your business. Walk away empowered to raise your prices, finally attract your dream clients/customers, and break the cycle you’ve been stuck in.

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Timeline // 8 weeks

Brand & Web Design Suite

timeline // 10 weeks

Brand & Ecommerce Suite

timeline // 3 weeks

Branding Suite

our studio specializes in offering a luxury design experience. That means we're your one stop shop for all one-of-a-kind brands, illustrations, and websites. We take care of everything so you don't have to.

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“The best investment we’ve made in growing our business, period.”

“Our web traffic grew over 60% after our launch! We’re blown away!”

“I booked 3 new clients the day our new site launched. What a dream.”

“I could finally raise my prices with my new brand & website!”

“A year later & we still get endless compliments on our brand & website.”

“Our increase in traffic paid for our investment in less than a month.”

“Finally I have a brand that reflects the heart of my business.”

“Our design dreams finally came true.”

“It’s like they somehow read my mind.”

“Always warm, upbeat, empowering, and supportive.”