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April 28, 2023

Brand & Web Template: Hannah Francis


There’s something so intimate and vulnerable about custom branding and web design.

At it’s core it’s about being authentically yourself. I know, I know “authentic” has gone from a meaningful word to an overused ick work – but we’re taking it back. Because at the end of the day, you aren’t a corporation. You’re a completely unique and talented woman who started her business with that passion you’ve always had. I’d like to think we have the kind of relationship where hard truths can be spoken without judgement, and the truth in this matter is there are endless choices when finding a photographer. Your clients could find many others that do what you do. But what they can’t find is someone that does it quiet like you do it. It’s the how not the what. They book you for YOU. 

With that in mind Hannah’s brand and web template customization had us smiling from start to finish because she is her true self and wanted her audience to know who she is immediately when getting on her site or seeing her brand. On our very first call we talked through what custom illustration’s she’d like for her new brand and she had us at, “chandelier, champagne tower, a leopard, and docs.” Excuse us while we swoon. Sophisticated with an edge? Say no more.

Modern edgy brand customization by Femme Collective Studio

“I honestly can’t say enough good things about them. They are so attentive. If you need anything Kris is on top of her game. 10/10 recommend.”


Modern edgy brand and web template customization by Femme Collective Studio

Hoping for a closer look? You can explore Hannahs’s live site here.

I hope Hannah’s brand and web template customization inspires you to be your authentic self not just in life but in business too. Please join us in celebrating her launch! 

If you love Hannah’s brand and web transformation as much as we do and you’re interested in a custom transformation of your own, please reach out to us below. We can’t wait to chat!

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with love,
Kris Picard-Kerscher