Kris Picard-Kerscher

You built your incredible business with a dream of freedom. The freedom to travel, the freedom to step away, the freedom to endlessly grow. Fast forward a bit and now freedom feels a whole lot more relative. Hell, now you feel lucky if you have the freedom to shut the computer off at 5pm or have a weekend off. You love your business and your clients, but man it'd be nice not to feel like you can't walk away.

We're a women lead studio here to help you push through your overwhelm barrier. We'll craft your one-of-a-kind brand & website, coach you through raising your prices, help boost your conversions, eliminate the endless DIY time, and ultimately help give you back your freedom.

Our goal for you // Receive more inquiries while booking at a higher price, allowing you to reduce the clients you need - freeing up time and finances and structuring your business in a way that puts your mental health and life first.

Let us help you build a life-changing brand so you finally have a business you don't crave a vacation from.

For the misfit creatives who crave a business that feels entirely their own -

You may be wondering about some things

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe custom branding & web design are life changing. So you better believe we want working with us to be as accessible as possible. We offer up to 3 month payment plans for our Brand Suite and up to 6 month payment plans for our Brand & Web Suite. 

Our Team is known for delivering fully custom, luxury design work with crazy fast turnaround times. If you book our Brand Suite, you'll receive your brand proof (all logos, illustrations, fonts, colors) in TWO short weeks. If you book our Brand & Web Suite, after the brand portion we'll move right onto your site that takes....get ready for it....only THREE weeks. Can you imagine FIVE weeks from now having the brand & website you've been dreaming about? **We book out quickly so please know all bookings are first come first served

We're so honored to book out as quickly as we do, but for that reason we book first come first serve and do not hold spots. If you're thinking about reaching out, here's how the process goes. Step One: Fill out our Client Application form HERE. Step Two: You'll receive an email to book a spot on our calendar to meet. Step Three: After our call if we feel like a great fit we'll send a project proposal your way (with pricing breakdown, contract, and deposit invoice). Step Four: Once you've signed our contract and paid your deposit you're officially booked!

Stock illustrations absolutely have their place and can be a fantastic place to start if you're not looking for a custom brand. But Femme is for the misfits - you don't want to have something everyone else can purchase. That's why you will ALWAYS get fully custom, hand drawn, one-of-a-kind illustrations that nobody else has and they will ALWAYS be done in-house. Oh and don't worry if you're on the fence about what illustrations you want. We'll have a detailed meeting where we brainstorm illustration ideas and we'll ensure you're fully confident in them before moving forward!

If you haven't gotten the hint by now, we've got your back and we're here to make this as stress-free as humanly possible for you - so when it comes to your big launch, you better believe we'll do it for you! When launch day comes, all you have to worry about is treating yourself and shouting it from the rooftops. 

We wish we got paid to say this, but Showit is just the best of the best for creatives. It's incredibly easy to use, SEO capabilities are fantastic, and it allows us to have complete creative freedom without being limited to templates or design constraints. You guessed it - we'll take care of moving your domain from your old platform to your new one and can even migrate your existing blog posts. Just for that added peace of mind, we'll provide custom training tutorials on how to edit your site so you can easily make tweaks yourself moving forward.