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June 1, 2022

5 Things Your Photography Website Needs

Brand by Femme Collective Studio


We’ve had the honor or working with over 200 clients worldwide, and many of those clients are in the wedding industry. Talk about stunning photos! While the hope is always to have your beautiful work speak for itself, the fact is your website can’t just be beautiful. Your website has to convert as well.

With that in mind today we’re going to showcase a website we recently crafted and launched for the Devoted & Wild while walking you through the strategy behind elements on their site. -You can check out the live site HERE. 

Here are the 5 things you should have on your photography website to help your conversions: 

Utilize your blog as your portfolio on your photography website

Using your blog to show off your past work isn’t just a great way to give a glimpse of your work, it’s also a fantastic way to utilize SEO. SEO can sound a bit intimidating, but it’s not difficult with the right tools and keywords. This step is oftentimes overlooked, but it’s one of the most important.

Search engines like Google need keywords to make your website more searchable. Instead of having a portfolio with a photo gallery of your work, utilize blog posts. This ties together what you want to feature, your beautiful work, alongside what search engines can read – text.

Feel free to create blog categories that cover the different topics you post about. Popular examples include weddings, elopements, couples, tips & tricks, behind the scenes, and lifestyle. We recommend sticking to 4-6 categories to make blog navigation easier for your audience.

Blog website design by Femme Collective Studio

Your photography website needs valuable and authentic content

This is your time to shine! As a photographer, your website is the place where your brand and personality collide. When creating authentic and valuable content for your website, make sure your copy is written in a way that sounds like you. You clients will know if you aren’t being authentic on your website. Don’t be afraid to take your time writing your copy, or even considering hiring a copywriter that has experience with wedding photographers would be a great idea as well. 

Consider working side by side with a trusted designer for a one-of-a-kind brand. Here at Femme we specialize in custom hand-drawn illustrations so each brand feels entirely like the client.

About web page design by Femme Collective Studio

Strategic navigation is key for you website

It’s important that when visiting your website, your potential client’s journey is smooth sailing. You want to avoid them clicking too many buttons to get the desired result. You don’t want your potential client to become lost on your website. With that being said, I highly recommend having these pages on your website:

  • A “Home” page: a strong anchor on your website and oftentimes the first page your audience will see

Homepage for photography website designed by Femme Collective Studio

  • An “About” page: Share a bit about you/your photography brand, but also tell them how you can help! It’s all about problem awareness, and keeping the focus on your audience

PRO TIP – Think about what your clients may be nervous about, do they get nervous in front of the camera? Show them you’ve been in their shoes before, and how that makes it easier for you to give them the right prompts! 

  • A page all about their client experience: This page should walk them through the steps they’ll take while working with you. This is an excellent place to include your FAQs
  • An “Investment” or “Experience” page: This page will go into detail about your services, pricing, and what your clients can expect from your process. 
  • A page for your Blog: This is where your galleries will be located and other valuable content
  • Finally, a “Contact” page: It’s important your clients and potential clients can get ahold of you easily. Create an easy to fill out contact form and you’re good to go! 

Contact page for photography website designed by Femme Collective Studio

An authentic experience

Have you ever visited a website and felt like nothing really stood out to you, resulting in you quickly moving on? When someone visits YOUR website, the ultimate goal is to build the know, like, and trust factor. Through custom branding and web design, your audience will form and immediate and lasting connection with you!  Trust me, this is definitely one of the 5 things you need on your website as a photographer. Think outside of the box and incorporate some fun elements into the site. On Danielle’s site, we incorporated some fun facts so her audience truly felt a connection with her.

Photography website designed by Femme Collective Studio

Locations you serve and your travel schedule

Let the people know where you’re located and if you’re willing to travel! They want to book you, but how will your audience do that if they don’t know where you’re located? Additionally, having your bucket list travel locations will attract couples who are looking to have a destination wedding or elopement, and might even give them some ideas! Here are some examples of how to portray location in your copywriting:

  • Based in Stowe, Vermont but I’ll follow you anywhere 
  • Now booking 2022 elopements in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah
  • Ready for adventure? I travel worldwide! 

We also recommend having your travel scheduled on your contact page! This will help bring in the right clients who you’re EXCITED about serving and feel aligned with you and your business. 

Those are our 5 things you need on your website as a photographer! If all of this seems overwhelming and you’d rather have us take care of all things web design for you, you can book a free design consultation with us here. We can’t wait to chat with you!

with love,
Kris Picard-Kerscher