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We strive to inspire you to be authentic and remember that when you invest in your business you’re also investing in yourself. In just 3 years, Femme Collective Studio has walked alongside over 250 womxn in over 10 countries worldwide to provide them with exceptional strategy, designs, and mentorship - but more importantly, a space to feel truly empowered.

When I first founded this business, I was eager to build a community where other womxn were encouraged to be themselves in both life and business 100% of the time. Throughout my life I have often been conflicted with limiting beliefs—imposter syndrome, overwhelm, anxiety—that left me afraid to stand out without feeling like an outsider. After years of struggling to trust others due to past trauma, I chose to start surrounding myself—and my business—with people who genuinely want me to succeed. 

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Originally from Indonesia, she lived in the U.S. for 7 years, Mumbai for 3 months, and currently lives in the U.K. So naturally, working with our global clientele is her passion.

Zhara’s helps make Femme Collective a one-stop-shop; helping manage customer service, marketing, and all things organizational. 

WHY FEMME: "I love being a personal cheerleader for our clients, making them feel supported, loved and empowered throughout their time with us."

Zhara Davies

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Sarah started studying art, design and photography from a young age and all through her education. When she became a single mum at the age of 19, Sarah struggled to find a job that fit around getting to spend as much time with her daughter as possible. After meeting Kris, she just had to join the team of like minded empowering creative women and looks forward to uplifting others through design.

WHY FEMME: "Being around other creative empowering womxn and uplifting other incredible women through design."

Sarah Youthed


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After finding herself struggling to feel fulfilled while working at a corporate 9-5, she booked an impulsive escape trip to Belize where she realized she didn't want to spend her life working for someone else. She soon left her job, moved to Cincinnati Ohio to be with her now husband, & started Femme Collective Studio - a modern design studio dedicated to fostering a community of fierce & creative womxn around the world.

WHY SHE STARTED FEMME: "Empowering womxn to chase their dreams & giving them the tools to do so with confidence is what I live for."

Kris Picard-Kerscher

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Whilst studying Beauty Promotion at university, she took the leap and started down the path of branding and social media management to help womxn up-level their brand.

From her home base in the UK, Imogen takes care of all things social media at Femme Collective, including creating content, engaging with our audience and everything in between. 

WHY SHE CHOSE FEMME: "I love working in a team of womxn where I feel appreciated, supported and valued for the work I do." 

Imogen Allanson

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A clear and cohesive brand formed with strategy at its core will leave you finally feeling empowered and in control over your business. We’ll provide you with all of the tools and education you need to feel confident in launching your brand and beyond.

No. 04  Delivery

The fun part! You'll sit back while we work our magic to create the brand of your dreams.

Thoughtfully hand-crafted brands and websites that are one-of-a-kind and reflect the heart of your business is our specialty.

No. 03  Design

We’ll begin by focusing on the overall strategy of your brand. Every design decision made thereafter will be carefully considered with your target audience in mind.

Ultimately, we’ll build a brand that converts and your audience trusts. 

No. 02  Development

You and your business are one-of-a-kind. That’s why we don’t offer set packages because we understand a pre-packaged solution might not serve your specific needs. Instead, we’ll focus on uncovering your pain points and the heart of your brand in an in-depth clarity call to determine the best solution for you.

No. 01  Discovery

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